Inside the New Search Console and Its Two New Experimental Features

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Inside the New Search Console and Its Two New Experimental Features

Search Console has come a long way since its launch over a decade ago. It now has more than two dozen reports and tools, including structured data AMP and live testing tools. All of these new tools were created to help boost your site’s rankings on Google.

A few things this redesign will provide you with include:


  • Improved support of your organizational workflow: When you are working, it is best to have access to multiple people who can diagnose and fix issues when necessary. That is the reason why we implemented sharing functionality. This features allows you to choose an action item and share it with others in your group who can answer your questions and help you fix issues.
  • More actionable insights: In our redesign, we will also organize issues by what we believe is the common root cause. This will help you determine where you need to repair your code. We place these issues into tasks, making it easy to see whether the issue is still open and whether Google has discovered your fix.
  • Quicker feedback loops between you and Google: It can be frustrating waiting a while for Google to recrawl your site. With this new method, you can quickly perform your fixes and save yourself a lot of time. We will give you on-the-spot testing for fixes and immediately speed up crawling when we know everything is alright. In addition, these testing tools will have code snippets and a search preview, allowing you to view your issues, make sure you repaired them and see what your pages appear like on Search.


We are excited to release two BETA features Index Coverage report and AMP fixing flow to a small number of users in just the next few weeks.

The Index Cover report allows users to see the count of indexed pages, reasons why certain pages could not be indexed and advice on how to fix indexing issues. Additionally, this report permits a simple sitemap submission flow and allows you to filter Index Coverage data to submitted sitemaps.

The AMP fixing flow is also great to use for your site because it gives you insight to AMP issues currently affecting your site and how to fix them. Once you repair the issue, you can quickly verify your fix and then Google will recrawl the pages that were affected.

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