What About

Harmful Backlinks?

Disavowing is a process by which you can tell Google which bad links from spammy websites in your backlink profile should not be associated with your site. Google says to be very careful with your disavow actions. You need guidance on when and how to disavow any bad backlinks from bad websites.


Link Farm Links

If a backlink from a ``link farm`` links to you, it can hurt your profile's quality.

Links from Russia

Links from other countries, when you're based in the USA, are typically viewed as a bad.

Comment Links

Links from the comments on other websites are another black hat SEO tactic that can hurt you.

Bad Anchor Text

Overly optimized, keyword rich anchor text can actually have a negative impact.

Get Disavow Guidance

Our certified team of experts is here to help guide you through the process of deciding both what links to your site are bad, and how to deal with these links and improve the quality of your website’s backlink profile.

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