SEO & Content Audits

There are 3 foundational components that make a website strong: Content, Code and Backlinks. We generate SEO and Content Audits to help target weaknesses in these three areas and provide guidance on how to move up in the rankings. When generating these audits, we base our recommendations off the keywords you selected, then we give you specific action items to bring your site up to best practices.



Content audits are used to evaluate the current content on your site and provide you with action items to bring what your site says, both to the user and to search engines, up to best practices. We evaluate things like word count, keyword usage, etc. for every keyword you’ve selected, and let you know exactly what to do to optimize for them. The content audits aren’t just to optimize for search bots, though. We also offer insights on how to make your content more conversion and user friendly!


If content audits address ⅓ of the three foundational pieces of SEO, then the SEO audit must address the other two, right? They do just that! SEO audits dig into the code and metadata of your site and give you specific action items on how to optimize your code around your selected keywords. These audits also dig into your backlink profile and look for links that may be harming your domain. Links that are spammy or unrelated will be flagged and the audit report will outline that work that needs to be done to clean them up!

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